Spare Parts for Dillon XL650

Spare Parts for Dillon XL650

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To keep your machine running also when you had a little accident.

Spare parts kit specifically for your XL650 machine.

Don't risk downtime waiting for a replacement parts!

1 650 Ring
1 650 Index Return Spring
2 650 Shellplate Cap
1 Case Insert Slide Spring Cap
1 650 Index Pawl
2 650 Tool Head Pins
1 Failsafe Rod Clips
1 Failsafe Return Spring
1 Failsafe Shoulder Washer
1 Blue Failsafe Strip Nut
1 Index Arm Bowed Washer
1 650 Index Ball
1 650 Brass Tip Set Screw
1 650 Primer Indexing Arm
1 650 Primer Support Shim
1 650 Primer Cam
1 Primer Disk Detent Ball
1 Primer Disk Detent Spring
1 650 Pawl Spring
1 Case Insert Slide Spring
1 650 Ejector Wire
1 650 Index Ball Spring
1 650 Indexing Arm Spring
1 650 Station Two Locator Tab
1 650 Station Two Locator Tab Bushing
1 650 Station Two Locator Tab Spring
1 Tinnerman Insert
1 Casefeed Arm Return Spring
2 Pistol Decapping Pins
2 Pickup Tube (Large Green Tips)
2 Pickup Tube (Small Yellow Tips)
1 Die Lock Ring
4 Locator Pins.


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