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Armanov Quick Disconnect replaces original Dillon Powder Measure half-ring retention.

Installation is super simple. Just remove original half-ring retention and install Armanov Quick Disconnect for Dillon. It has two internal springs and allows quick change of powder bar from one toolhead to another.

Armanov Quick Disconnect fits on the RL-550, XL-650, and Super-1050 powder measures. It is specially useful In combination with Clickable Armanov powder  knob. So you can reuse powder measure on other tool-heads and adjust powder quantity with simple clicks. Quick and tool-less removal and installation of Dillon Powder Measures.


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    76 Reviews For This Product

    1. 76

      by Theodor H. (verified owner)

    2. 76

      by Roberto T. (verified owner)

    3. 76

      by Theodor H. (verified owner)

    4. 76

      by Claudio (verified owner)

    5. 76

      by Udo M. (verified owner)

      Super Funktion, Top Qualität, sehr zu empfehlen.

    6. 76

      by BONELLI FELICE (verified owner)

      is very nice

    7. 76

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    8. 76

      by Urban Sundström (verified owner)

    9. 76

      by GABRIELE (verified owner)

      Very fast

    10. 76

      by ANDREA CONTINI (verified owner)

    11. 76

      by Holger S. (verified owner)

    12. 76

      by Chase (verified owner)

    13. 76

      by ronald.fluck (verified owner)

      Very good!

    14. 76

      by Udo (verified owner)

      Super verarbeitet, Top Funktion, Sehr zu empfehlen.

    15. 76

      by Klaus B. (verified owner)

    16. 76

      by GWEN (verified owner)

    17. 76

      by Benny (verified owner)

      Extremely well packaged and fast delivery,highly recommended webshop!

    18. 76

      by Wouter Sep (verified owner)

      Works great!

    19. 76

      by Hubert (verified owner)

    20. 76

      by Percy (verified owner)

    21. 76

      by Wayne Daryl B. (verified owner)

      Makes it super easy to swap out powder measure for different loads.

    22. 76

      by Richard (verified owner)

      Works fine.

    23. 76

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

      Would not buy it again

    24. 76

      by Joern (verified owner)

    25. 76

      by Oliver P. (verified owner)

      Top quality Product, that makes switching so much easier and faster – thanks a lot

    26. 76

      by Frank (verified owner)

    27. 76

      by Roel (verified owner)

      Works as advertised, now I can easily remove the powder measure. Great!

    28. 76

      by Roland Elias (verified owner)

    29. 76

      by Alberto Guglielmetti (verified owner)

      Smart item, helps a lot to manage one of the few Dillon annoying problems

    30. 76

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

      One of the best Upgrades for your Dillon you can get *Thumbs Up*

    31. 76

      by Klaus W. (verified owner)

      Funktioniert super. Ich habe alle meinePulverfüller auf das QD-System von Armanov umgerüstet.

    32. 76

      by Harald Z. (verified owner)

      It`s verry nice Part.

    33. 76

      by Michel MERMIER (verified owner)

    34. 76

      by Axel (verified owner)

      Very nice product. Makes it very easy to change Powder measures and the free spinning hasnt intefered with qualitya so far!

    35. 76

      by Christopher (verified owner)

    36. 76

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    37. 76

      by Jochen H. (verified owner)

      Top Produkt

    38. 76

      by stolnicu cristian (verified owner)

    39. 76

      by Marco Debbi (verified owner)

    40. 76

      by Percy (verified owner)

      A bit loose and not sure of fit but otherwise great product

    41. 76

      by Ari Heikkila (verified owner)

    42. 76

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    43. 76

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    44. 76

      by Jesper Bennike (verified owner)

    45. 76

      by Vincenzo Lo bosco Nicoletti (verified owner)


    46. 76

      by Nico Claes (verified owner)

      Easy to use

    47. 76

      by Roel (verified owner)

      Changing and clearing powder measure is much more comfortable.

    48. 76

      by Martin (verified owner)

    49. 76

      by Warren Tyer (verified owner)

    50. 76

      by Heiko A. (verified owner)


    51. 76

      by Carl W. (verified owner)

    52. 76

      by Ingo F. (verified owner)

    53. 76

      by Lukáš K. (verified owner)

    54. 76

      by phgibert (verified owner)

      quick change the powder measure . Well made.I recommend

    55. 76

      by Shane (verified owner)

    56. 76

      by Rossi (verified owner)

      Ottimo prodotto molto pratico

    57. 76

      by Desmidts Eric (verified owner)


    58. 76

      by Angelo Sorrenti (verified owner)

      Ottimo accessorio per staccare il dosatore senza usare le chiavi a brugola. Ottimo per chi ha varie xonversioni. Prezzo ottimo e spedizione in italia veloce

    59. 76

      by Simone Strepparava (verified owner)

      Excellent simple

    60. 76

      by Erik Schöneberger (verified owner)

    61. 76

      by Kevin R. (verified owner)

    62. 76

      by Hans-Peter Brosch (verified owner)

    63. 76

      by Philippe GIBERT (verified owner)

    64. 76

      by Sebastian (verified owner)

    65. 76

      by Sebastian U. (verified owner)

    66. 76

      by Christian (verified owner)

    67. 76

      by Tiago (verified owner)

    68. 76

      by Stefan Öhman (verified owner)

    69. 76

      by Friedrich Gepperth (verified owner)

      a fantastic little upgrade… fast installed and very usefull loading different loads

    70. 76

      by Jean pierre R. (verified owner)

    71. 76

      by Carlos Javier Sánchez Pardo (verified owner)

      These guys know how they do!!!!

    72. 76

      by Chema Ortega (verified owner)

    73. 76

      by John Pagonakis (verified owner)

      Top products and good service

    74. 76

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    75. 76

      by stefan h. (verified owner)

      Good tool! Easy to use

    76. 76

      by Mikael (verified owner)

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