Primer Stop Switch for Dillon XL650


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Primer cam Index Stop Switch for Dillon Precision XL-650 and SL-900 Progressive Reloading Press. The switch moves to turn ON and OFF the index by passing the indexing lever on the primer feed assembly. Integrated spring ball works as clickable position capture. Use the factory screw to install. Material for the base is 6082 aluminium and material for the ramp is Delrin (POM-C). Spare ramps can be ordered separately. Super simple install. Just unscrew original primer cam and use same bolt to attach this stop switch.

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    58 Reviews For This Product

    1. 58

      by Ola M. (verified owner)

    2. 58

      by Andreas (verified owner)

    3. 58

      by Hubert (verified owner)

    4. 58

      by Peter (verified owner)

    5. 58

      by Salvatore (verified owner)

    6. 58

      by Wayne Daryl B. (verified owner)

      A must have for the Dillion 650XL … no wasted primers.

    7. 58

      by Claes (verified owner)

      Very handy festure that should be standard imo.

    8. 58

      by clemens.g1980 (verified owner)

      Qualität und Funktion wie immer einwandfrei. Kein 3D-Druck.

    9. 58

      by Jean pierre R. (verified owner)

    10. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)


    11. 58

      by Andreas Rafinus (verified owner)

    12. 58

      by Roel (verified owner)

      Works as advertised, great!

    13. 58

      by Harald Z. (verified owner)

      is verry good Part for the Press.

    14. 58

      by Marc (verified owner)

    15. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    16. 58

      by Jochen H. (verified owner)

      Top Produkt

    17. 58

      by stolnicu cristian (verified owner)

    18. 58

      by Marco Debbi (verified owner)

    19. 58

      by Markus P. (verified owner)

      Praktisches Zubehör

    20. 58

      by Ari Heikkila (verified owner)

    21. 58

      by Jesper Bennike (verified owner)

    22. 58

      by Nico Claes (verified owner)

      Very good and officiant

    23. 58

      by Andre Vonk (verified owner)

    24. 58

      by Martin (verified owner)

    25. 58

      by Warren Tyer (verified owner)

    26. 58

      by Carl W. (verified owner)

    27. 58

      by Ingo F. (verified owner)

    28. 58

      by andre brault (verified owner)

      excellent product

    29. 58

      by Ian (verified owner)

      fast, efficient service and high quality product too

    30. 58

      by Matthias M. (verified owner)

    31. 58

      by Kim Stevens (verified owner)

      Another great product.

    32. 58

      by Erik Schöneberger (verified owner)

      Great tool for dillon

    33. 58

      by Andrea Barlassina (verified owner)

    34. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    35. 58

      by Cesare C. (verified owner)

      Perfect and necessary

    36. 58

      by Hans-Peter Brosch (verified owner)

    37. 58

      by Jens H. (verified owner)

      very well working and helpful

    38. 58

      by Wolfram S. (verified owner)

      Funktioniert super und passt genau

    39. 58

      by alberto (verified owner)

    40. 58

      by Bastian P. (verified owner)

    41. 58

      by Renato (verified owner)

      truly indispensable and useful

    42. 58

      by Alarico Cammarota (verified owner)


    43. 58

      by Tiago (verified owner)

    44. 58

      by Maurizio (verified owner)

      The fundamental element for your Dillon 650 reloading activity: with such item, the Dillon station is able to achieve the higher effectiveness to which it is dedicated, through the smoothest step by step procedure.

    45. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    46. 58

      by Miroslav (verified owner)

      I use it for 1 step – preparing of 223 brass in my Dillon 650. I Use two head 1. for fulling and trimming brass with RT1500 and 2. for head for filling.

    47. 58

      by PLESSY Franck (verified owner)

    48. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

      Just perfect

    49. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    50. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

    51. 58

      by Uwe Mohr (verified owner)

    52. 58

      by Anonymous (verified owner)

      Lovely finished product, perfect modification, packaged excellently

    53. 58

      by Richard vd Wel (verified owner)

      Very useful if you only want to make a view rounds to test, just swipe the primer stop to the side and you won’t spend any more primers than needed.

    54. 58

      by Marcus M. (verified owner)

      Sehr feines Teil, so spart man das lästige wiederbefüllen der Zündhütchen !

    55. 58

      by Ross M. (verified owner)

      Excellent product

    56. 58

      by Jouni (verified owner)

    57. 58

      by Lino Serra (verified owner)


    58. 58

      by Mark Nowak (verified owner)

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