Armanov Case Gauge box 100 rnd pockets with Flip Cover


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Gauge box 100 rnd. pockets with Flip Cover is a must have for any IPSC and other sport shooter.

Since most malfunctions are ammo related, and most of those relate to deformed, bulging or otherwise defective brass – dropping the bullets into a gauge is an effective way to reduce the chance of a costly malfunction. Armanov Gauge Box 100 rnd (100 pockets). with Flip Cover are machined from top quality aluminium, and the pockets are finished using special reamer, made to tight tolerances SAAMI specification.

Improved Design!

New extra feature is the bottom caved level design, made for faster and simpler ejection out of the gauge box and into a container. Because we know your fingers don’t fit.
*new design is available only in 9×19 for MTM and .45ACP

Available in calibers:


    The 100 pockets allow you to drop the rounds in a lot faster than into a single or 20 gauge boxes, cutting your testing time down to less than quarter of the time! Gauge comes with free flip cover so you just flip your rounds to ammo boxes. No more double work. With this tool you can test 100 rounds in almost same time as you put rounds in case box. This gauge box works best with MTM caseguard boxes or Dillon precision ammo boxes for some models.

    How it works:

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    Additional information

    Weight 950 g
    Dimensions 13 × 13 × 6 cm

    9×19 for MTM – Black, 9×19 for MTM – Blue, 9×19 for MTM – Gold, 9×19 for DILLON ammo box, 9×21 for MTM – Black, 9×21 for MTM – Blue, .40S&W for MTM, .45ACP for MTM, .38 SUPER COMP for MTM

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    73 Reviews For This Product

    1. 73

      owen (verified owner)

    2. 73

      Gabor Daniel (verified owner)

      very fine

    3. 73

      Lukas D. (verified owner)

      Great product, very fast shipping. Highly recommended!

    4. 73

      Anonymous (verified owner)

      Received the product faiy quickly, and was happy with the overall experience and support experience. thanks

    5. 73

      chonchol (verified owner)

      Great product! A ‘must have’ for any ‘roloader’ and/or idpa/ipsc/etc etc shooters

    6. 73

      Arno S. (verified owner)

      perfect quality!

    7. 73

      Filippo (verified owner)

      simply …… A MUST HAVE!!!!! save you really a lot of time

    8. 73

      Frank Z. (verified owner)

    9. 73

      Pierre C. (verified owner)

      Perfect !!! Simply Prefect !!! I recommand

    10. 73

      Franz (verified owner)

      works as aspected, speeds up checking the reloaded cartridges, also useful for other 100 round boxes,

    11. 73

      Jasmine K. (verified owner)

      It is good. I thought it a little expensive at first, butt after using it for some time I do really like it. It is much faster and has tighter tolerances than the single case gauge from anothe rmanufacturer… I really like it!

    12. 73

      Udo M. (verified owner)

      Super Funktion, Top Qualität, sehr zu empfehlen.

    13. 73

      GABRIELE (verified owner)

      perfect functional and makes everything faster

    14. 73

      ANDREA CONTINI (verified owner)

    15. 73

      Holger S. (verified owner)

    16. 73

      Ron W. (verified owner)

      As always … A high quality product and fast shipping

    17. 73

      Sven (verified owner)

    18. 73

      Vincenzo Antonio Orlando (verified owner)

      Bel prodotto, molto utile per controllare velocemente le munizioni fuori tolleranza.

    19. 73

      Klaus B. (verified owner)

    20. 73

      Anonymous (verified owner)


    21. 73

      Ola M. (verified owner)

    22. 73

      Wayne Daryl B. (verified owner)

      Excellent shell & casing check and makes it easy to transfer to storage cases.

    23. 73

      Richard (verified owner)

      Very close tolerance that a pistol does not need but you can see each patrone that differs. Very good is the cover to turn!

    24. 73

      Andrea A. (verified owner)

      Excellent product and well done, reproduces the chamber of the pistol. Non-compliant projectiles do not enter, and can be eliminated. 100% recommended for those who recharge like me.

    25. 73

      Michele D. (verified owner)

    26. 73

      Paolo Faliva (verified owner)

      L’oggetto è di ottima fattura e presenta tolleranze estremamente corrette in tutti i 100 fori. Comodissimo per verificare man mano che si producono i colpi utilizzandolo come vassoio di lavoro e escludere i proiettili non conformi. Ovviamente permette di verificare la produzione a blocchi di 50 trasferendoli, con un pochino di manualità, tramite il coperchio di servizio incluso. Arriva in una valigetta dedicata e imbottita. L’oggetto si presenta molto bene ed anche la finitura nera sembra essere, per ora, molto resistente. Un bel blocco di alluminio. Se il proiettile entra nel tampone entrerà matematicamente in camera di scoppio evitando inceppamenti dovuti alla eccessiva dilatazione del bossolo e a vantaggio della regolarità delle espulsioni e dello stesso estrattore. Ottimo e duraturo acquisto.

    27. 73

      Anonymous (verified owner)

      Rock Solid, a must have for IPSC Shooters

    28. 73

      Axel (verified owner)

      Easy masscheck of bulk loaded ammo. Will buy a 45 ACP one very soon too 🙂

    29. 73

      Ari Heikkila (verified owner)

    30. 73

      Andre (verified owner)

      The flip cover works great👍and packed in a nice plastic box.

    31. 73

      willi schwärzel (verified owner)

    32. 73

      Magnus B. (verified owner)

      Perfect for checking each bullet before flipping them in a 100 rounds storage box.

    33. 73

      Bert v. (verified owner)

      Plan was to purchase a gauge, now i can do 100 at a time, wonderful!

    34. 73

      Robert (verified owner)

    35. 73

      Sebastian (verified owner)

    36. 73

      Pierre C. (verified owner)

      Perfect accessory !!! I recommend !!!

    37. 73

      Christian (verified owner)

    38. 73

      Uwe Neutzsch (verified owner)

      best ever!!!!

    39. 73

      Bastian P. (verified owner)

      Perfect tool for fast checking of bigger amounts

    40. 73

      Renato (verified owner)

      truly indispensable and useful: really indispensable and useful that every shooter should know!

    41. 73

      Christian (verified owner)

      It´s worth every penny, excellent tool !
      – Armanov service… perfect, 10/10

    42. 73

      Tiago (verified owner)

    43. 73

      PHILIPPE REGNIER (verified owner)

      Very well made, perfect to check my very old brass

    44. 73

      Robert (verified owner)

    45. 73

      ALVARO E. (verified owner)

    46. 73

      Theunis (verified owner)

      If you are serious about shooting and you reload your own ammo, this is a must have. All the training in the world is not going to help you shoot a good time, if your reloads are out of spec.

    47. 73

      Jouni (verified owner)

    48. 73

      Rolf-Dieter (verified owner)

      Super Teil. Etwas enger wie Dillon (Einzel-) Case Gauge.

    49. 73

      Martin (verified owner)

    50. 73

      kevin.rondeau27 (verified owner)

      Excellent product ! a must have !
      A bit expensive but it totally worths the price considering the time I’m gonna save.
      I bought both 9×19 and .45 gauges with brass stencils combo offered and both are great !
      Nice surprise: packaging is also great with a high quality plastic box that prevent them to be damaged during shipping.
      Fast shipping as usual with Armanov.
      I just hope Armanov will soon design the same product in .357 Mag.
      A special thanks to Klara for her help.

    51. 73

      Rolf-Dieter Meyer (verified owner)

      Super Teil!

    52. 73

      Francesco Chiudaroli (verified owner)

      Ottimo molto comodo

    53. 73

      Fontana Claudio (verified owner)

      Ottimo prodotto !!!

    54. 73

      Heiko F. (verified owner)

      High Quality Gauge, perfect for those who don’t go any compromise on their match ammunition

    55. 73

      Frank Albrecht (verified owner)

      Best gauge ever!

    56. 73

      Stefan (verified owner)

    57. 73

      Kevin R. (verified owner)

      Great product. A must have. Delivered in a nice plastic box for shipping and storage. I bought 2 of them. one for 9mm and one for .45ACP. Hope it will be available in the future for .357Mag rounds.
      Fast delivery and great service as usual with Armanov.

    58. 73

      Nikodem (verified owner)

      Great product!!! I bought MTM box version, but it works with my Dillion and Smartreloader 9 mm ammo boxes as well (not perfect match but good enough with those boxes as well).

    59. 73

      Hrvoje (verified owner)

      Incredible quality and excellent value. Huge time saver!

    60. 73

      Giacomini C. (verified owner)


    61. 73

      Reinier W. (verified owner)

    62. 73

      stefan h. (verified owner)

      Just perfect

    63. 73

      Michele Pollio (verified owner)

    64. 73

      Steven C. (verified owner)

      Fantastic speeds up the whole checking process

    65. 73

      Christoph (verified owner)

    66. 73

      Anonymous (verified owner)

      Un accessorio molto utile

    67. 73

      Anonymous (verified owner)

    68. 73

      Lothar Buß (verified owner)

    69. 73

      Massimo B. (verified owner)

    70. 73

      R.M. De Jong (verified owner)

      The easy way to check 100 rounds in a single pass. When happy with the reloaded ammo, just flip the box into ammoboxes.

    71. 73

      Anonymous (verified owner)

      Works perfect

    72. 73

      marco b. (verified owner)

      Molto utile ma i fori sono più larghi di una frazione di mm, non è un problema nel 99% dei casi ma se la camera di cartuccia dell’arma è molto precisa la differenza si nota

    73. 73

      Paolo Z. (verified owner)

      Not exactly cheap but fantastic!!!

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