RacePack – Pistol Grips SpidErgo for CZ Shadow with 5x Race Base Pads +1 rnd

SpidErgo Pistol Grips for CZ Shadow 2, SP01 and 75 series

5x Race Magazine Base Pad +1 for CZ Shadow 2, SP01, CZ 75

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You save 24,60 EUR in this pack. Components separately cost 184,40 EUR.

Kit contains:

All items are made in EU and shipped from EU.

Component Descriptions:

SpidErgo Pistol Grips for CZ Shadow 2, SP01

Armanov has developed new (still hot), unique grips for CZ Shadow 2 or Shadow 1, featuring ergonomical contour and aggressive, hard-gripping surface. Sticky like a spider web and ergonomical for a natural feel.

Freshly designed, top of the line contoured SpidErgo Grips for your CZ Shadow competition pistol made out of finest, most durable, aircraft grade aluminium.

Special precision-machined texture, designed to keep your hand tight in place, it will make sure you get the most out of your competition performance. These SpidErgo grips are what you need to prevent any unwanted movement or sliding of your hand. Shaped ergonomically to fit your hand, not vice versa.

These lightweight grips fit on your CZ shadow 1 or 2 and comes in one perfect size. Furthermore you won’t need any extra screws, they assemble using the original grip-screws supplied with your CZ grips. They’re lightweight and strong, machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum block and anodized to six colors: orangeblack, blue, red, gold and silver.

At the same time the back part of grips, the texture is smartly designed to position the web of your hand as high as possible, as quick as possible.

These are perfect for competition guns, where no compromises on control and speed is accepted. We’re sure these are the ultimate grips For CZ Shadow pistols on the market today.


This base pad Race for CZ gives you the best grip and durability.
Designed with advanced sports and professional competition shooters.
They are legal for IPSC production division and standard division (fits IPSC box) and IDPA.

Compatible with CZ & Mec-Gar magazines. Base pads also add one round to increase the magazine capacity from 17 to 18 and works perfectly with the standard stock magazine springs.
Precise cuts and grooves are machined across 3 sides to ensure you the fastest and the most precise reloads with one hand. The grip is really hard and will stay in place with a tight fit.
No other modifications are required nor you will need any special tools for installation and the detachment is easy as well.

Made in EU from top of the line, solid piece of strongest, aircraft grade aluminium.
Anodised for maximum protection in orange, black, silver, red, blue or gold colour.
Base pad bottom is flat with special gripping tape for excellent grip and longer lifespan since the bottom of the pistols usually takes most for the damage when dropped in dynamic sports such as IPSC.


To help you decide which grip size you need, we created a chart. Find it here.

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SpidErgo Pistol Grips for CZ Shadow 2, SP01 and 75 series

5x Race Magazine Base Pad +1 for CZ Shadow 2, SP01, CZ 75

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