Armanov Clickable Dillon Precision Powder Thrower Adjustment Knob


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So easy to install Armanov Clickable Dillon Precision Powder Thrower Adjustment Knob!

Just screw the assembly on the dillon factory adjustment bolt.  The Dillon factory screw requires a wrench when adjusting the amount of powder to dispense in your powder thrower. Armanov Clickable Dillon Precision Powder Thrower Adjustment Knob easily allows the user to hand adjust the powder dispenser without the need for tools. Unlike other competitors, Arman’s button is laser cut with 50 graduations. It’s giving the user reference points when adjusting. Two steel spring loaded balls generates smooth and repetable clicks. Easy to setup between multiple loads or even calibres, very precise 50 clicks per turn. Testing on pistol powders one click increments about 0.015 grains. This is very precise setting.


    Works on Dillon 1050, 650, 550, SDB and 900 presses.  This accessory is a must for every Dillon owner help speed up powder adjustment amounts and quick change between multiple loads or even multiple calibers.

    No disassembly or even original bolt movement required. You keep current powder setting.

    From aircraft grade aluminum – anodized black color.


    • 1 x laser etched knob assembly
    • 1 x allen wrench

    Pattend pending

    Additional information

    Weight 35 g
    Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm
    Powder Bar Size

    Small Powder Bar, Large Powder Bar

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    124 Reviews For This Product

    1. 124

      Manfred (verified owner)

      Gute Bestellabwicklung und schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland. Gute Ausführung und gute Funktion. Zwei Drehknöpfe von insgesamt 4 Stück waren für die Dillon-Stellschraube zu eng gefertigt bzw. kann auch der Sechskantschraubenkopf von Dillon Übermaß gehabt haben.

    2. 124

      owen (verified owner)

    3. 124

      Heinrich Brunner (verified owner)

    4. 124

      Christian Utizi (verified owner)

      Adding this part to the Powder-flow unit makes it so much better, preciser and easier to adjust and go back whenever needed, no more “inch-wrenches” needed, visible scale. I can only recommend this to every Dillon 650 press owner! Only one thing which was not mentioned in the description -> “Large” units do not work well if you set your PowderFlow unit to work with the Dillon- internal reduction for less powder (what usually needed for pistol reloading).

    5. 124

      Fabio Cattelan (verified owner)

      Friendly user!

    6. 124

      Martin (verified owner)

      Perfect Addon for Dillon 650, very easy to assemble.

    7. 124

      CEsare (verified owner)

    8. 124

      marco b. (verified owner)

      A must have, even if one doesn’t change charge often.

    9. 124

      Arno S. (verified owner)

      great product!

    10. 124

      Anonymous (verified owner)

    11. 124

      Michael (verified owner)

      Schnelle Lieferung, passt spielfrei, Top.

    12. 124

      Kim b. (verified owner)

      Great product, easy to setup and good when finetuning

    13. 124

      Marco Nemaz (verified owner)

    14. 124

      Oldřich (verified owner)

    15. 124

      Theodor H. (verified owner)

    16. 124

      Pierre C. (verified owner)

      Don’t use yet!!! I return to comment !!!

    17. 124

      Roberto T. (verified owner)

    18. 124

      Edwin van der Meulen (verified owner)

      usefull item

    19. 124

      Toni Wasescha (verified owner)

    20. 124

      Claudio (verified owner)

    21. 124

      Ciro Caputo (verified owner)

      Questo è quello che cercavo, soddisfatto per l’acquisto.👍🏻 Lo consiglio

    22. 124

      Olivier Wack (verified owner)

    23. 124

      Peter K. (verified owner)

      Good small steps on this knob assembly

    24. 124

      Davide ZANESSI (verified owner)

      Come da descrizione del prodotto molto utile per la regolazione micrometrica della quantità di polvere. Oggetto di ottima fattura e materiale.

    25. 124

      Claus-Dieter J. (verified owner)

      Made in good Quality. Works very well and is pretty helpfull.

    26. 124

      Piotr D. (verified owner)

    27. 124

      Stanisław (verified owner)

      Good. Fit almost good but small bar knob was better.

    28. 124

      Jasmine K. (verified owner)

      Easy to read and simple to install! Makes it so much easier to switch between powder charges.

    29. 124

      Günter Sippl (verified owner)

    30. 124

      Urban Sundström (verified owner)

    31. 124

      Hans B. (verified owner)

    32. 124

      Holger S. (verified owner)

    33. 124

      Miok (verified owner)

      big deal
      great help

    34. 124

      Michael H. (verified owner)

      Great Product, I will order some more.

    35. 124

      Anonymous (verified owner)

    36. 124

      Clemens G. (verified owner)

    37. 124

      Rune T. (verified owner)

      Very good item

    38. 124

      Michael H. (verified owner)

      Great Product. I bought first one in the past. After testing I bought them for every unit I have.

    39. 124

      Christian (verified owner)

      Makes it a lot faster to find and fine tune your load weight compared to using a wrench. Brilliant.

    40. 124

      Klaus B. (verified owner)

    41. 124

      GWEN (verified owner)

    42. 124

      Petr Richter (verified owner)

    43. 124

      Stefan (verified owner)

    44. 124

      Wouter Sep (verified owner)


    45. 124

      Ola M. (verified owner)

    46. 124

      Roland P. (verified owner)

    47. 124

      Peter (verified owner)

    48. 124

      marco b. (verified owner)

    49. 124

      EDWIN MULDER (verified owner)

    50. 124

      Valerij R. (verified owner)

    51. 124

      Alberto Guglielmetti (verified owner)

      Nice and easy

    52. 124

      Michel MERMIER (verified owner)

    53. 124

      Axel (verified owner)

      A must have for every 650 owner. Before you were guessing, now you can precisely increase or decrease the powderamount! I don´t know why dillon hasnt come up with such a simple quality of life improvement …

    54. 124

      Christopher (verified owner)

    55. 124

      Claude MOUSEL (verified owner)

      Very useful Gadget.

    56. 124

      Anonymous (verified owner)

    57. 124

      stolnicu cristian (verified owner)

    58. 124

      Norman Gass (verified owner)

    59. 124

      Markus P. (verified owner)

      Sehr gutes Produkt, CNC gefräst

    60. 124

      Ari Heikkila (verified owner)

    61. 124

      Valter (verified owner)

      Very comfortable to use and easy to install!

    62. 124

      Frank B. (verified owner)

    63. 124

      Fabio Farina (verified owner)

    64. 124

      Jesper Bennike (verified owner)

    65. 124

      maurizio maniglio (verified owner)

    66. 124

      Nico Claes (verified owner)

      For fine adjustments

    67. 124

      Jochen (verified owner)


    68. 124

      Andre Vonk (verified owner)

    69. 124

      Vincenzo Russo (verified owner)

    70. 124

      Daniel Krys (verified owner)

    71. 124

      LANCELOT G. (verified owner)

      compliant product and really perfect .
      Armanov is a serious shop;
      I strongly recommend , do not hesitate to order .

    72. 124

      BRUNO (verified owner)


    73. 124


      works perfectly…

    74. 124

      Warren Tyer (verified owner)

    75. 124

      Ingo F. (verified owner)

    76. 124

      Lukáš K. (verified owner)

    77. 124

      PHILIPPE REGNIER (verified owner)

    78. 124

      Shane (verified owner)

    79. 124

      Fabio (verified owner)

    80. 124

      Kim Stevens (verified owner)

      Brilliant product.

    81. 124

      Simone Strepparava (verified owner)


    82. 124

      Niklas Sjögren (verified owner)

    83. 124

      Alessandro (verified owner)

    84. 124

      Erik Schöneberger (verified owner)

      Best thing ever have.

    85. 124

      Patrick L. (verified owner)

      The finish and the assembly are perfect. Excelent powder metering accuracy with the click provided.

    86. 124

      Cesare C. (verified owner)


    87. 124

      Hans-Peter Brosch (verified owner)

    88. 124

      Sebastian (verified owner)

    89. 124

      Gerry Jakobsson (verified owner)

    90. 124

      Renato (verified owner)

      very useful and very precise for dosages

    91. 124

      Pietro (verified owner)

      A well made tool!

    92. 124

      Pietro (verified owner)

      I bought three pieces, for me and two friends that saw my and want one!
      Great piece, great work

    93. 124

      Sebastian U. (verified owner)

    94. 124

      Bastian P. (verified owner)

      Perfect for fine tuning or adjust of the powder! Also it works in very small steps (like 0.05gr)

    95. 124

      Daniel Moratal (verified owner)


    96. 124

      Manuel Kern (verified owner)

      Top 👍🏻

    97. 124

      Quoc (verified owner)

      Easy to adjust

    98. 124

      Kai-Michael (verified owner)

      Perfect replacement for Dillon’s coarse screw

    99. 124

      Tiago (verified owner)

    100. 124

      Christian (verified owner)

    101. 124

      Stefan Glantschnig (verified owner)

    102. 124

      PHILIPPE REGNIER (verified owner)

      A must, if you buy only one product here, buy this one, have it on all my calibers

    103. 124

      Gabriele C. (verified owner)

    104. 124

      Markus (verified owner)

      Quick delivery. Fantastic product.

    105. 124

      Ross M. (verified owner)

      Excellent product

    106. 124

      Luca C. (verified owner)

      Very good

    107. 124

      Marco Pirolli (verified owner)

    108. 124

      Sven (verified owner)

      Well done tool !!

    109. 124

      Anonymous (verified owner)

      Great product. great click adjustment

    110. 124

      Mark Nowak (verified owner)

    111. 124

      Michael M. (verified owner)

      Very high-quality product, precise adjustment possible due to the click mechanism!

    112. 124

      Heiko F. (verified owner)

      Works fine

    113. 124

      Andrea G. (verified owner)

    114. 124

      Jens N. (verified owner)

      Excellent quality. Very precise.

    115. 124

      Arnaud HALLUIN (verified owner)

    116. 124

      sergio sarchioni (verified owner)

    117. 124

      Michael M. (verified owner)

      I use the Clickable Adjustment Knobs on all my powder fillers!

    118. 124

      Patrik (verified owner)

    119. 124

      Henning K. (verified owner)

      Great product – easy to install and works flawlessly. Will buy more of them

    120. 124

      Thomas Schuchter

      Ein “must have” für jeden Dillon Pulverfüller!
      Preiswert und praktikabel!
      Dillon selbst verkauft zuviel überteuerten Schnick-Schnack hat aber so ein simples Tool nicht im Programm!

      A “must have” for any Dillon powder measure!
      worth its Price and very useful!
      Dillon itself self too much expensive “Gadgets” but should have this as standard instead of a simple screw! Thanks to Armanov for their Innovation!

    121. 124

      Anonymous (verified owner)

      Works very well.

    122. 124

      Yannick (verified owner)


    123. 124

      Jiri G. (verified owner)

    124. 124

      Anonymous (verified owner)

      Fast international shipping. The product works exactly as expected.

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