Shooting at National championship for Slovakia and Czech Republic

Last two weekends I was shooting two matches of IPSC rifle. First match was held in Slovakia "RDA Rifle Match 2018 - Slovak National Championship". Match had 15 stages with 2 stages  200m - 300m distances.  Second one was one week after. Match "Czech National Championship 2018" was held in City Hodonice. This match also had 15 stages and with distances up to 100 meters. First match i finished at 8th place with 86,98% and second match I ranked at 4th place with 89,58%. Big thanks to fellow shooter who also made those matches great as this sport is really great. Our products performed excellent. Armanov Gas block worked flawlessly. Magazine extension pads helped at longer stages to keep up without reloading. Muzzle break kept those sights on targets especially on fast double-taps. Since I'm shooting standard division I was not fully satisfied with sight mounted on hand-guard. I tried some other solutions such as ADC adjustable front sight mount but it's to big and heavy and biggest disadvantage I see that when you disassemble your rifle you need to readjust sight again. I decieded to develop something that would be small, light with option to adjust sight to position even if rifle was disassembled. And keeping in mind that Armanov Gas block can be adjusted thru front sight. I will keep you updated about progress..... Savo Stjepanoivc "
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