Rifle World Championship RWS 2019

Slovenian Team at RWS 2019

Not long ago our team has returned from the Rifle Word shoot in Sweden which lasted from 2.8.2019-10.8.2019, spread over 500 square kilometres area. Even the shooting range which was part of the tournament spreads over the military zone. Most of the competitors were surprised by the distances between the ranges which in some cases were as much as up to 15 kilometres, but nevertheless the competition went smoothly in without the hiccups.

Well from the beginning, the plane ride went smoothly, we have arrived at Stockholm around midnight and have driven to Karlskoge for at least 2 hours. We were very lucky with choice of a hotel which was on the perfect location and the owner was enthusiastic hunter and shooter. First day, Registration and weapons check. Everything went smoothly and quick, the Scandinavian way. In the afternoon, the opening ceremony.


Ranges were mostly mildly difficult, they require a lot of acrobatics from the different positions, a lot of the shots were long range since there are almost no limitations of the shooting range. We expected more shooting from the ground but the range officers made sure that this was mostly not the case. Only on few ranges it was possible to shot from the ground. The rest was only possible in half-sitting, half-standing or standing positions over the range of 200 metres. Targets were placed very well and the contrast between the background, metallic targets were very nicely seen. All the ranges were placed solid without any malfunctions of the equipment.

Ranges had extra shooting from the hanging, moving platform, shooting from the 45 degrees in the air. Our ballistics officer for the police units would suffer a stroke.


Fortunately for us, no one had any problem with the equipment, weapons worked reliable. To summary, the event ended with the ceremony. Which was on the spot, relaxed and with great dinner. Organiser made sure there was beer with the sticker from the competition and overall experience was great.

Summarised after the:

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