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Reloading essentials — 100 rounds Armanov Ammo Checker

Ammo compliance checking made easy.

As shooters may be well aware, the SAAMI institute was founded in early 20th century to ensure industry standards for safety, interchangeability and reliability, and to promote safe and responsible firearms use.

With most malfunctions being ammo related, discovering non compliant rounds is paramount for gun safety. As there are many different shapes and sizes of ammo and firearms, this means that there are also potentially countless unsafe ammo-to-firearm combinations.

Long prior to SAAMI, firearm safety tests were first made compulsory in the Habsburg empire at the dawn of the 16th century, and later also in London and Belgium. The CIP organisation has since progressively established a set of uniform rules for the proofing of firearms and ammo.

But CIP is only interested in chamber pressures, not in the velocities achieved. The dimensional testing for ammunition is left to the manufacturers themselves, or in our case, the reloaders.

For sports shooters the issue of compliant rounds becomes even more ‘pressing’. A survey in 2015 found that 90% of top shooters reload their ammo. At top levels, reliability, accuracy and consistency is a must for high quality ammo. Not to say that factory ammo is a bad idea per se, but hand loading does ensure the required consistency at about half the price or less.

And with thousands of rounds fired per year, many of those in competition, price begins to accrue quite significantly, and the demand for consistent and affordable ammo is very high.


At Armanov we cater to the real world needs of the competitive shooter. Our gauge box is among our most popular products, a must for reloaders who expect the highest consistency while saving plenty time at the reloading bench.

The entire reloading process should also include time management within performance expectations. Say for instance, you plan to shoot about 500 rounds per week;

Checking your rounds with a single gauge may simply not be feasible. Our Gauge box enables you to check 100 rounds at a time, amounting to a great deal of time saved while ensuring ammo consistency.

As far as tolerances are concerned, the pockets of our Gauge box (simulating the gun chamber) are precision finished using a special reamer made to tight SAAMI tolerances. Extremely tight tolerances might not be strictly necessary for all pistols, but we offer them anyway for highly accurate determination of non-compliant cartridges.

The height of our gauge box is precisely machined to easily determine the rounds exceeding the maximum overall round length due to insufficiently seated bullets.

With this tool you can test 100 rounds in almost the same time as it takes to load 100 rounds into your MTM box. No more double work.

The gauge flip cover makes flipping your loads into the MTM box very easy, while also enabling a final visual inspection for deformed bullets before boxing.

Since late last year, we’ve added an extra feature to our entire range of gauge boxes; a caved-in bottom level surface which makes it even easier to eject the rounds into your round container.

For gauge boxes with this new feature we also offer our OAL checker (overall round length checker), which fits perfectly into the caved-in bottom surface. This is yet another step to ensuring truly uniform ammo, and it makes ejecting the ammo into an MTM container (or Dillon ammo boxes for some models) a breeze.

The caved-in bottom level

Another accessory we offer is the stencil, which fits perfectly on our gauge box to facilitate easier marking of brass, either to determine ownership or to keep track of how many times a brass casing has been fired.

As passionate reloaders ourselves, we designed the Armanov Gauge box to fit the needs of demanding shooters perfectly, leveraging decades of in-house experience in reloading and shooting sports.

Our Gauge box is one of our most highly regarded products for many years running now, and we are delighted to help your reloading become more streamlined than ever!

Arming YOU with innovative solutions for all facets of shootings sports.

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