Armanov SpidErgo CZ Gen2 Grips Overview

In this post we take a look at our new and improved SpidErgo Gen2 grips, and why we feel these might just be the best grips for your CZ handgun. To be quite frank, the stock grips on 75 series, especially Shadow 2 are not bad at all. Maybe they could use a tad more aggressive texture but overall we think that the stock grips with similar Aluminum construction are very good. Any opportunity for enhancement and improvement of our pistols is great to have though, and at Armanov we strive to push the envelope of marginal improvements that can make a drastic impact on your shooting performance. Grips are one of those inexpensive upgrades that can really make a big impact to the overall feel and functionality of your firearm, and do so with style. We believe that SpidErgo Gen2 are the best grips we ever made, and possibly the best grip on the CZ 75's market. Let’s look at the feature set to see what’s new and what we’ve been up to.


First things first in regard to ergonomics and fit. After gathering valuable feedback from our respected customers, many of whom are tenured competition shooters, we know no grip can fit perfectly into every hand, due to hand size differences. Our long awaited and much needed solution is to offer our best grips to date in 3 sizes, which indicate thickness meant to compensate for your respective hand size. Sounds simple and redundant, but really makes quite a stark difference when we talk about true ergonomics.


The next thing we wanna make sure to point out is that we now have two lengths, the long one being the regular (Long) size, and Short for use with a magwell. 


Our own Armanov magwell is soon to be released in 2020, so stay tuned for that. Both the Gen2 grips and to-be-released magwell will be available in 7 matching colors, visible on our website. The next feature we want to discuss is the improved mag-release thumb section. While our dimpled grip texture offers precise and functional gripping action, the texture at the thumb section was a tad too aggressive in our first iteration of these grips. 

Based on customer feedback we addressed this issue and made the mag-release section much more comfortable for serious users. (Apparently, some of you train so much that your hands may start to bleed :O ouch)


The next important improvement we made is around the top contour section. Based on your invaluable feedback which we appreciate very much, we learned that many of you tend to rest your thumb in the gap that is found in-between the thumb safety and the top edge of our ‘gen1’ grips. We now extended the top contour, thus eliminating that gap and preventing the instinctive resting of the thumb there, which tended to aggravate the thumb undesirably. With the improved contour, these grips really live up to the aim of ultimate ergonomics. We invite you to try it for yourself; the difference in overall feel is quite impressive. 

Another very important upgrade to our CZ grips is the backside profile texture. The texture on our previous ‘gen1’ grips was not quite "grippy" enough we found, and we feel that the backside grip texture is best if on the more aggressive side. (in most cases/ grip styles) The upward leading ridges on the backside have the favorable effect of ‘guiding’ your hand upward and forward to the most correct shooting position, with a grip feel that you really need to test out to fully appreciate. 

To push the limits of our ergonomics claims we also added a detailed smoothing of the bottom logo indentation, to prevent this section of the grips from getting in the way of your hands. 

The ultimate sports grips for CZ?

We feel this set of upgrades makes these the ultimate sports grips for your CZ pistol. At Armanov we take close note of customer feedback and we are here to deliver what YOU want from your gun accessories. 

We kindly thank all our customers who offered their feedback and valuable insight which we applied in the design of these amazing new grips. We invite you to test these out for yourself and see why we feel so confident that these are the ultimate CZ pistol sports grips. Stay tuned for further Armanov product reviews and exciting new releases we have coming up in 2020!

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