Armanov CEO

Savo S.


Serious and responsible – A true business man and an IPSC shooter with his heart and mind in the sports shooting & reloading world.

Aleš B.

Director / Logistic Manager

Quiet and precise – Hands-on for every product we have with a small joke and a smile that comes with everything.

Rok S.

Engineering manager

Trustworthy and charming – A dependable co-worker with tones of experience.

Aljaž K.

Engineering manager

Workaholic without compromise – Inquisitive by nature, but still fully inclined into getting the job done by the pre-determent parameters.

Klara P.

Marketing / Support

Straight-forward and helpful – Oversees in general, but still has a keen eye for details often forgotten.

Žiga J.


Dedicated achiever – a catalyst for anybody around him, to do better and more.

Ažbe M.

Production Assistants

Our young, full-of-energy and most musically talented in our company with impressive workshop skills

Nejc S.

Student / Production Assistants

Software expert we can rely on with fresh ideas everytime we are in need.

Matej M.

Engineering manager

Practical and efficient – good at finding the simplest and most efficient solution.

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