SpidErgo grips for CZ Shadow 2 and Shadow 1

Armanov has developed new (still hot), unique grips for CZ Shadow 2 or Shadow 1, featuring ergonomical contour and aggressive, hard-gripping surface. Sticky like a spider web and ergonomical for a natural feel.

We named them SpidErgo.

They’re lightweight and strong, machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum block and anodized to five colors: black, blue, red, gold and silver. Shaped ergonomically to fit your hand, not vice versa.

At the same time the back part of grips, the texture is smartly designed to position the web of your hand as high as possible, as quick as possible.

New Spidergo grips for CZ Shadow 2 or Shadow 1

These are perfect for competition guns, where no compromises on control and speed is accepted. We’re sure these are the ultimate grips For CZ Shadow pistols on the market today.

Some reviews

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