Dropper Assembly Solution for Mr. Bulletfeeder

Solution for Mr. Bullet Feeder Users!

Main problem is that dropper assembly use brass weight to seat a bullet into case. Sometimes this force is not big enough to properly seat a bullet into case. When I was using Mr. Bullet feeder without MARK-7 this was not so annoying. I got dropped bullet about every 50 rounds so not a big deal. But when I purchased MARK-7 this problem made me crazy and I got a lot of jams and spilled powder. My solution to a problem is to increase bullet seating force with spring rather than weight. So upgrade product is born – Mr. Bullet Feeder Dropper Assembly Solution – No Consistent Seating Problem.

Upgrade kit contains: Custom spring holdertension coil spring and hand knob screw to attach spring and no tool disassembly.

I got running my MARK-7 on XL650 about 5K rounds without bullet drop.

See how it works:

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