Design the engraving, make it your own!

Now you can design your own engraving for the magazine base pad!


The first step is to select the “Elegance” base pad line.


You can choose between  magazine base pads for:

  • CZ 75, Shadow2 +2 Rnd 

  • Sig Sauer P226, X-Five, LDC +2RND 

  • Glock +2rnd 

  • +5 Rnd  AR-15 MAGPUL GEN M3 .223 Rem Magazine



And here’s an example, how this “designer section” looks like on our web shop.

Simply type in your text, transform and rotate it as you please. Pick the color and font, and snap it to the center with some help of the grid. When you are done with editing click preview icon, if you are happy with it, save it and let us engrave it for you!


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